4 educational activities in platte city, mo

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Close to Platte City, Missouri, there are some excellent educational and informative activities that can also be fun. Here a four of the area’s best learning locations.

weston red barn farm
Located 5 miles west of Platte City, Weston Red Barn Farm is like visiting a working farm from the turn of the 20th century. The farm provides the chance to have fun while learning about how a farmstead operates and the raising of traditional animals and crops. An educational tour enables children to touch the animals and see them being fed.

Open from spring through fall, you can experience the different seasons and see the cycle of the crops from planting to harvest. Your tour can include a hayride, a visit to the orchard, and in the fall, you can pick your own pumpkins and explore the corn maze. Fresh produce is sold in the farm’s store.

the arabia steamboat museum
The Arabia was a steamboat that sank in the Missouri River after hitting a tree snag in 1856. She was carrying 200 tons of cargo that was destined for a number of frontier towns. In subsequent years, the course of the river gradually altered and the remains of the Arabia was left buried under a cornfield at a depth of 45 feet. Amazingly, when she was rediscovered in 1988, the cargo was intact and extremely well preserved.

The Arabia Steamboat Museum in Kansas City now houses the salvaged parts of the boat along with the largest collection of pre-Civil War artifacts in the world. Featured in the collection are tools, weaponry, clothing, and much more. Glass bottles were discovered containing preserved fruits, ketchup, liquor, and pickles that were still edible. The museum offers a unique opportunity to learn about life on the frontier before the Civil War.

national world war i museum and memorial
It was supposed to be the war to end all wars but, while that sadly wasn’t the case, the First World War was a turning point in modern warfare. The National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas traces the war from the events that led up to the outbreak of fighting in 1914 to the years after the 1918 armistice. The 1926 memorial remembers those who died in the conflict.

The museum, covering 80,000 square feet, was opened in 2006, and the main gallery was built underneath the memorial. It features recreations of bomb craters and trenches, original artifacts and documents, and interactive displays. Temporary exhibitions are housed in the Exhibit Hall and the Memory Hall.

the money museum
For the opportunity to learn all about finance, the Money Museum is housed in the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Admission is free, and you can walk in for a self-guided tour of the museum which features the history of minted coins in the U.S., a view of the vault and cash processing area, a unique collection of coins, and interactive exhibits. Alternatively, guided student tours for 12 to 15 people can be booked in advance.

These locations all offer learning opportunities, some fun, and others more thought-provoking.

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